Are You A Self Saboteur?

Self sabotage. Let me count the ways. There are too many.

These are ways in which you screw your self. You get in your own way. You limit or disable your gifts, life, and potential 

When I say self sabotage, it involves your self alone. It does not include sabotage that happens to you from the outside, which is not your fault.


Here are some common self sabotage factors you need to watch out and eliminate in your own life:

• negative self talk (eg. “I’m not good enough)
• low self esteem
• a sense of unworthiness or that you don’t deserve good things 
• confused priorities
• unclear values
• procrastination
• perfectionism 
• fear of success or failure
• fear of making choices 
• blaming others or circumstances 
• making excuses and believing your excuses
• toxic guilt and shame
• avoidance of challenge or discomfort 
• isolation and withdrawal 
• fear of what other people think
• being unable to say No
• being unwilling to ask for help
• self delusions
• denial of facts or truths 
• allowing others to abuse or take advantage of you 
• feeling victimized, passive, or helpless

How many of these self sabotage factors can you admit to?

Firstly, you need to be aware of them. For such a the beginning. Of a new attitude, a new direction. 

These self sabotage factors are poisons. Detox your self!