Are You Tired Of The Addict In Your Life?

Are you a family member or friend of an addict with mental health problems?

Clinicians describe a phenomenon call “treatment fatigue.” 

They affect the addicts themselves. They affect their friends and families. They affect the clinicians also.

“Doc, my husband couldn’t sleep. He just wants to die.   He’s feeling hopeless about getting better. I’m getting tired, I don’t know what to do anymore,” cried Tina during our Viber session last night.

Hers is one example of “treatment fatigue.” 

Unfortunately, it’s contagious. Like a virus. It can spread to others quickly and harmfully.

Society also contributes to the difficulty. It stigmatizes addiction and mental health problems as well as those sickened by it.

Addicts, or those healing from serious emotional wounds, do experience relapses. 

Relapses are to be expected. If you understand the nature and dynamic of addiction and mental health recovery.

But that’s no reason to give up. 

Although you can’t tell what the future holds, it’s essential that you remain optimistic and aggressive about an eventual recovery of the addict in your life.

I’ve known of addicts who had to go through treatment and therapy several times ... before they got finally sober.

The real issue then is, if you happen to be the one caring for the addict, whether you’re suffering from “treatment fatigue.”

You need rest. You need wisdom. You need support.