Emotional Problems of the Jobless

Manny is 50, a hard-core jobless man. 

He has been dependent upon receiving allowances from his mother, including food, house, and kids’ expenses.

There are emotional problems which blight a person for successful employment or livelihood.

The list is formidable.

• wrong attitudes and perspectives in life

• quick temper

• no confidence 

• poor self image 

• covert hostility

• poor social habits

• lack of personal dreams

• perpetual parental dependency 

• no sense of time

• nervousness 

• allergy to authority 

• mean streak

• chain of failures

• arrogance 

• chronic grief

Few people can heal these emotional problems for and by themselves. Even if they realize or acknowledge them.

They need therapy.

It’s relatively expensive, yes, in terms of money and time. 

But to deny one’s self of it is to waste a life. 

It can result in high costs of delinquency, crime, welfare, and emotional illness.