Sing Your Song

I like birds. They calm me. They relax the soul.

A bird sings not because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. As it moves to fly.

I wish we’re all birds.

You possibly can remember times when you over-react. To people. To situations. It’s a reaction well out of proportion. 

You lose your song. And you don’t know why or how.

This happens when you confuse your “externals” as “you.” 

Externals you mistake as you, such as money, looks, work, ideas, people’s opinion or approval etc

Reality is, you are much more than externals. 

Your externals are essentially separate from you. 

You suffer psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually when you fuse your self to your externals. 

Result of the fusion? 

Your You gets lost when the Externals breakdown. You react as if your whole life, your whole self, your whole survival is at stake.

My client, Paulo, is a musical prodigy. A piano virtuoso.

At a time when he met me, he just lost his girlfriend. He kept overthinking after losing her.

He couldn’t think of an answer why he lost her. And became suicidal. Got hospitalized after drinking an insecticide.

Paolo lost his song. And couldn’t move on ... and fly again.

Self and externals. They’re not one and the same. Make it a formula in your daily song of life.