Psychological Tips During Old Age, Part 2

Getting old is a privilege. A joy we can be thankful for. Not everyone is given that gift by our Creator.

6. Prioritize your physical and financial self care.

Be clean and well groomed always. Fresh as spring water all the time. It’s going to be depressing and unpleasant for people when they see you or smell you like a corpse. You’re not one yet! 

I saw an fb post which says, “Money - Your last power at old age! If you are broke at old age, nobody, not even your children will come close to you. You are a parasite. Yes, Money buys you power when you needed it most at old age.”

So take very good care of your self - physically and financially.

7. Do not meddle in the life of your children. 

If your children ask for your advise, gladly and wisely provide it. At the same time, be prepared also of their not accepting your counsel. They’ve their own life now. Their own playing field. And it could be far different from where you’ve been. Simply be a champion encourager and giver of hope to them, especially when they handle difficult situations.

8. Do not use old age as your excuse to be demanding, irritable, or controlling.

There's nothing more annoying than a prideful, old jerk. Welcome each day as another chance to be kind and forgiving. To yourself and to others.

9. Be humble to listen to and learn from others.

As one said, “Do not throw your weight around just because you are a septuagenarian or a nonagenarian.” You are not a depository of wisdom and knowledge. Make growing old a fun-filled, pleasant journey. For you and everybody around you.

10. Focus on your eternal life with God in daily prayer, Word, and communion with Him.

You will definitely let go of everything behind. Detach. Leave all on earth someday. It’s a final journey detached from burden and care. Be more accepting of the reality that, sooner, not later, you will croak. Prepare your swan song with a humble and contrite heart. If you believe in a merciful and loving God, there is no need to strut like a star. Nobody is.