When You’re Attacked by Panic

In this time of the global pandemic crisis, countless people struggle with overwhelming anxiety. One sign of this time is when you’re attacked by panic. 

A number of those I see in my psychotherapy sessions experience panic attacks. Some feel embarrassed.

No need to be embarrassed. Anyone can potentially have a panic attack.

Here are some that comes out when a person is experiencing a panic attack:

• heart palpitations 
• sharp chest pains
• shakiness
• sweating
• choking sensation
• dizziness 
• fainting
• upset stomach
• sudden headaches 
• fear of going crazy 
• fear of dying
• fear of being out of control

To be certain, a panic attack can be so frightening. But part of having control over it is fully understanding what it is, including the signs I cited above.

What I’ve discovered is that those who grow up suffering from physical, psychological, and emotional abuses tend to have significantly more depression and panic attacks.

That’s why psychotherapy is often helpful and healing. 

Panic attacks usually emanate from “unconscious anxious thoughts” that remain hidden and repressed.

So when they’re brought to the surface through therapeutic digging and conversations, relief begins.

Those hidden things in your innermost being get revealed to yourself finally. Giving voice to it, thus resolving it.