How to Have Inner Peace

How do you have inner peace?

In a time like this, that’s a need and longing of people around the world.

In their hearts. In the very core of their being. Regardless of circumstances.

There is a secret to this.

An essential secret is, as Bo Sanchez put it, to find your “Surrendered Place.”

You can easily stumble upon it when you’re in deep trauma. And there’s nothing more you can do on your own.

You can discover it, especially when you’re in near-death experiences, such as being seriously sick with the virus of Covid.

It’s during these overwhelming, wounding life experiences when you’re forced to surrender.

Surrender everything to God.

But you don’t need Covid to find that beautiful spot. 

Or, any major psychological, emotional, financial or relational losses in your life to happen first to discover your “Surrendered Place.”

With God.

You can manufacture your “Surrendered Place” even at this very moment.

By asking yourself some jarring questions,

“What if I die 7 minutes from now? Where will I be? How will I spend these last 7 minutes of my life?”

There is the secret. Talk to God as if it’s your last 7 minutes on earth.

When you’ve truly and deeply done that, you find lasting inner peace - no matter your circumstances.