Unstable Data, Unnecessary Suffering

Unstable data, unnecessary suffering.

In 1983, three teenagers were arrested for the murder of another teenager. 

The courts sent them to lifetime imprisonment.

Almost 40 years passed. New evidences showed that a man murdered the teenager.

The judge in the court issued an apology to the then three innocent teenagers who spent decades in jail. 

They’re eventually released to freedom in their old age.

To live our lives as free men, we need stable data. Real facts. Inflexible, permanent truths.

Not fake news. Not lies. Not unstable data.

Reality is, we are a flawed human race. Our minds can be infected with life-damaging fake news, lies, and unstable data.

This reality is evident everywhere. 

Broken homes. Divorce. Addictions. Poverty. Corruption. Crime. Delinquent youth. Psychopathology. Bulging institutions. Almost empty churches.

Emotional problems are often based on unstable data. It then leads to unnecessary suffering. Even for a lifetime.

Unstable, fake news is dangerous. We need to sort out accurately. 

Even our intelligent thoughts or assumptions may be a mile off. We don’t have all the information. 

In psychotherapy, considerable importance is placed on inner truth. Stable data or reference point. To heal and avoid self deception.