Mind, Body, and Heart: Working for You?

Mind. Body. Heart. They’re interdependent. Are they working together? For or against you?

Laura was hopeless and suicidal when she started therapy. She’s literally out of control.

That’s basically mind. Heart. Her condition is a result of disharmony of any one affecting the other two.

Here’s what happened to her over time. She realty-tested. Her beliefs about her self turned positive bit by bit.

In the sessions, she followed words and insights in the surface ... then, in the depths. That’s how she got a grip.

Laura named impetus, incidents, injuries. One day, she’s resolving. It replaced her depression with healthier behavior. It replaced hopelessness with hope.

The mind-body-heart connection has to be in natural synergy. Or, you get disrupted. Distorted. Unbalanced.

That happens, for example, when your mind tries to rule the heart. Or, vice versa.

You’ve probably meet a person who is used to lash out at others, act irrationally. Or, a person who seem so removed from his or her feelings, working hard not to experience them.

It’s important for this person to understand his or her mind-body-heart natural balance. 

Otherwise, the problem goes on. Deeper. Prolonging the pain.

As therapist Martha Baldwin puts it,

“When we ignore a part of ourselves, it is irritated with us, just as we are irritated when someone we know ignores us.”

Deny the balance of mind, body, or heart and they surface in other forms.