Psychotherapy Is Accountability

Psychotherapy is accountability. It heals. It makes you get whole.

We all have blind spots. Like pride, failure, self deception.

Especially when you’re in a state of emotional trauma or woundedness, it can be so difficult to see what really is.

Wise and healthy are those who place themselves in the secure and objective care of others.

By being accountable, like with a therapist or with family or friends, you’re less likely to fall and stumble into a trap.

By being accountable to others, you avoid the snares and unseen rocks beneath the surface of your own isolation or independence.

Psychotherapy is an accountability relationship. It’s one person - the therapist - with whom you meet regularly to heal.

Look at some benefits and traits that characterize it:

* Confidentiality

* Honesty and truth-telling

* Authenticity, free from hypocrisy 

* Objectivity

* Wisdom and intuition

* Professional and personal knowledge/expertise

* Fixed availability

* Consistency, staying power