Reality-Test To Beat Fear

Lina was afraid. Lots of fear. She found out that she had an early form of cancer. She feared of dying. She feared of her life partner abandoning her.

During session, she expressed doubts about whether she could overcome her situation. 

She doubted about getting well ... about whether she could find another love if her partner leaves her. This was how Lina felt. 

This, despite receiving assurances from her doctor that her cancer is manageable and curable. This, despite her partner’s repeated expressions of commitment to her.

Fear can be disempowering. It does so on the backs of unrealistic and illogical or unfounded assumptions.

Fear paralyzes. All the more when you have a negative self image. Fear can handcuff your with overwhelming negative emotions.

Fear omits important details and nuances of a life problem or circumstance. Part of it is because it tends to treat feelings as facts already.

In reality testing, you can beat your fears. You can see better. You can see clearly the whole picture (not just a part).

To counteract fear, put back what it is leaving out, ignoring, or denying.

The remedy to beat fear then is not to avoid it but to move closer. When you do, you take away fear’s momentum on you with diligent reality testing.