Thanking Your Parents

Ungrateful children bring sorrow to their parents. Grateful children bring joy.

Remember the face of that grateful young man in the headlines who became a medical doctor? 

His poor, aging mother who sells fish in the wet market sent him to med school.

My own mother was orphaned early during the war and Japanese occupation. 

She escaped poverty from the province and went to Manila to work and study.

I still have vivid memories of her sacrifices carrying heavy boxes of foodstuffs to sell so she can feed and send us to school.

But I was an ungrateful son. I disrespected her. I ignored her. I stopped communicating with her. It’s one of the biggest mistakes and regrets of my life.

Only in her late-age years that I visited her and asked for her forgiveness. I thanked her for still loving me and for all she had done for me.

I started giving back to and embracing her, especially when she suffered a stroke and got bedridden. What joy it brought to help her smile and get better!

And for me happy tears in my eyes. How I wish I had done so much earlier.

In my life, I had many mishaps. Perhaps one cause of that is my being an ungrateful son in the past.

Thanks is a very high form of thought. Only the honorable, selfless, and maturing can grasp it.

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