Are You Sabotaging Your Self?

Compulsions and addictions are signs of self sabotage. They’re destructive patterns that do unnecessary damage to your life.

Never blame your self though. Just seek help. 

Observe if there’s any self sabotage patterns in your self, look for causes, and try breaking the habits one day at a time.

Here are some signs of self sabotage:

* you work long hours 7 days a week to avoid family, dates, or the social life

* you get drunk or drugged many times in order to forget life or feel relaxed 

* you’ve no time for self care - to exercise, to eat well, and get adequate sleep 

* you use prescription drugs all the time to relax or be calmed 

* you ignore doctor warnings that you should stop your addictions such as smoking, casual sex, etc

* you feel you have no control over your overspending your money 

* you are always warned at work about your behaviors like tardiness, rage etc

* you feel depressed, anxious, angry, or lonely seemingly for no good or obvious reason 

* you quit relationships or jobs more than once in angry outbursts 

* you cry a lot and not able to act assertively because you feel inferior or afraid of what others would say or think about you 

Have you seen now who and what to watch out for?