Should We Separate?

Brandon got separated. His wife of 20 years left house with the kids after she found out about his affair.

When Brandon called me for a Zoom session, he’s very distressed. He’s remorseful after weeks of soul-searching. 

He decided to react out to his wife. After he decided to break off the affair and reinvest in his marriage.

In certain cases, separation between conflicted couples can work. Especially when it’s brief and constructive. Such as in Brandon’s case.

In other cases of couples injured by infidelity, separation often has many risks.

Separating from one’s cheating partner or spouse could provide the offender with opportunities to continue the cheating with the other person.

In separation, the process of rebuilding trust gets postponed. And when the healing process is delayed, chances of saving the marriage gets diminished.

Yes, it’s a bumpy road. A difficult choice to make. But it can be done. 

That is, to make the right choice, whether to separate or not based on your situation.