Make The Most Of Your Youth

Childhood and youth are fleeting. Make the most of it. You pass this way only once.

Chess was my art and game during my youth. As a shy, thin boy then, with my cousins.

My art and game got me full high school and university scholarships for all years through it, and to win Makati and other local tourneys.

Beat players who became international masters/Olympiad veterans in national tournaments/varsity collegiate. 

It’s nice to reminisce who I used to be.

Youth is a special time. It’s a gift. A privilege.

What you do with it may determine the nature and course of your following years. 

Often, youth can just be spent on externals. But the externals fade.

When applied to the whole stretch of life ahead from youth - family, work, aging, old age, a possible disease, death, and the world beyond - we’re left with nothing.

Gradually, before it gets too late, youth can be started to and dedicated in things that really matter.

It’s a shift of focus from the external to the internal.

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Photo: Flashback Photo From the “baul” of cousin Beth