My One Secret You Should Know

Here’s my one secret you should know.

I always have good long walks. At times, 10,000 steps or more.


I can walk mindfully on the busiest street, park, mall, market, or some nature place.


Someone asks me, “Why, the long walks?”


Oh, because of my busy ego. Its weakness is trying to secure things that come and go.


Walks serve as my life’s address. 


Place when I can be in the moment. The “here and now.” Where life is possible, even if I’m moving.


Place where I see through my anxieties, the fears, the blaming, the overthinking, the wounds that linger, my ego.


Place where I notice and catch the beauty of the blue skies, the hills, the birds, the flowers and trees, or the raindrops.


Place when I’m richly nourished. In my body, my heart, my mind, my spirit. 


Every step I make in my walks brings me back to my life’s address.


The walks help me be much more creative and alive. A better member of the human race. A sensitive therapist and writer.


Breathe. Take life. One moment at a time. Walk. In every step, stay mindful and present.


Feel welcome to take walks with me. And prayerfully enjoy life as it really is.