When You Disagree With Someone

How do you handle situations when talking with someone you disagree with?

Most of the time, it depends. It depends on your overall psychological make up.

It depends on how you’re able to process your thoughts. It depends on how you manage to control your emotions rather than allowing them to control you.

Here are tips if you wish to have a favorable experience even when disagreeing with someone.

* Let the other person feel that he/she matters to you.

* Redirect your disappointment and don’t allow it to overwhelm you.

* Acknowledge your hidden fears or insecurities under the surface.

*  Don’t catastrophize or assume the worst.

*  Share your sources.

*  Don’t throw verbal grenades.

*  Show you understand despite your conflicting view.

*  Don’t speak in sound bites composed of putdowns, namecallings, curses etc

*  Don’t act arrogant or superior.

*  Teach and be teachable.

*  Thank the other person for disagreeing.