Mistakes Are Lessons

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s our “common humanity.”

In all my psychotherapy sessions, mistakes are common taking points. They’re often sources of emotional wounds and mental disorders.

Getting over past mistakes are a basic part of healing and recovery.

“I’m afraid of karma,” Lito said of his past affair. “It haunts me and my present marriage.”

Lito kept holding on to the guilt of his past mistake. His greatest struggle was his addiction to alcohol to numb his feelings about the mistake he made.

He had to stop beating himself up about a mistake that happened 10 years ago!

Mistakes are lessons.
Sincerely apologizing and learning from it transform us to lightbearing human beings.



Photo: News5, 2022 Oscars best actor winner, Wll Smith, apologized to The Academy after slapping comedian Chris Rock on stage.

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