Have You Been Betrayed?


     Betrayal trauma is a common psychological, emotional, and spiritual wound. 

     Wednesday was the day Judas chose to betray JESUS for money (30 pieces of silver).

     Jesus asked Judas, “Are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?” (Luke 22:48)

     Betrayal strikes close to believers. It did to our Savior. 

     You shouldn’t be surprised that some in your family could betray you. Spouse? Children? Brother? Sister? Parents? Relatives?

     One of Jesus’ handpicked apostles’ family did the same to Him. Even His earthly family members disbelieved Him before they changed.

     “Your relatives, members of your own family -- even they have betrayed you; they have raised a loud cry against you. Do not trust them, though they speak well of you.” (Jeremiah 12:6)

     Israel, His own people, betrayed God. Today, we betray Him with our sins, disloyalty, and unfaithfulness.

     The Bible reminds us that God doesn’t turn a blind eye to betrayal. 

     There are bad consequences that those committing betrayal will face.

     “A false witness will not go unpunished, nor will a liar escape.” (Proverbs 19:5)

     “ An enemy cannot betray you, as you already expect your enemy to try to bring you down. Only a trusted "friend," acquaintance, or family member can betray you, and that is what truly makes betrayal so hurtful and sad.” — Bohdi Sanders