Take Care Of Your Self

Are you broken-hearted? 

Many people who experience trauma, abuse, or loss often put their self-care in the back burner.

I have a trauma patient, Lita, in my sessions who’s so thin. She’s not eating normally: she vomits her food each time. She punches her legs till they’re black and blue. She hardly sleeps.

This choice gets Lita stuck in her healing process. It gets in the way of her moving forward in her life after the trauma.

Mental health is treating yourself right each day. Especially in the context of healing from traumatic life experiences, you need to give yourself the best care,

It comprised of life balance and rejuvenation - healthy food, sleep, exercise, family, friends, work etc.

Working on this balance provides you with a healthy framework for your days.  


Photo credit: Korina Sanchez