Your Past Does Not Define You

     Meet Theresa.
     Chip Ingram’s wife.
     In one of his books, Chip shared.
     The story of her painful past.
     Theresa came from a broken family.
     With an unloving, abusive, alcoholic father.
     Married young to a drug addict.
     Whom she put to finish school.
     But after giving birth to their twins.
     Her husband abandoned her.
     As well as their babies.
     He left them for another woman.
     Selling drugs and cheating on her.
     Theresa’s pain of betrayal was horrific. 
     Of feeling rejected.
     Of feeling unworthy of love.
     From her father.
     From a husband.
     Till a God-fearing man, Chip, came.
     Who’s also from a dysfunctional family.
     Chip married Theresa.
     And her new life began.
     Over a year, their union was breaking.
     She literally couldn’t believe. 
     Or receive Chip’s love for her.
     Theresa developed a damaged view.
     Of her self and relationship.
     She, and Chip went into therapy.
     She learned to stop believing the lies.
     About her own self-worth.
     They healed together through seeing.
     The way God sees them.
     Fast forward to today.
     Theresa and Chip have 4 kids.
     And 12 grandchildren.
     Chip has authored 15 books.
     Became a well-known global figure.
     Helping millions of people.
     Around the world.
     Heal spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally.
     By his speaking and writing.
     Theresa has become Chip’s loving wife and support.
     Both “missionaries-at-large” in the world mission field.
     Serving wounded, lost souls for Christ.
Photo source: Pastor Chip Ingram (with wife Theresa)

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