Musings for the Gift of Life

     Thankful for another new year. I don’t know why. Only One knows.
     Thing is, I don’t have an age.
     My inside self does not possess an age. 
     It is all the ages I have ever been.
     And the age I am now at this very second.
     My wife puts skin care on my face, saying “Honey, bumabata ka na uli!”
     Well, age is a relative thing.
     It gets me to think.
     Why some feel old at 30
     Others feel young at 80.
     Why the difference?
     Doctors point to stress for one.
     Stress is a known villain to health.
     It can speed up physical aging even collapse.
     Emotional and mental attitude, too.
     These can affect how our physical appearance turns out.
     Life goes on. Constantly for me.
     The long walks. The long hours.
     Meeting all sorts of people in long life sessions ... 
     Diplomat, CEOs, politicians, nurses, doctors, lawyers, battered wives, OFWs, white/black foreigners, criminals, suicidal youth, showbiz celebs, gays and lesbians, thieves, cheaters, millionaire addicts, artists ...
     In strange places where others fear to thread and run away.
     I plunge forward in darkness to serve.
     No way I could see or help such wide variety of fascinating souls and characters.
     Outside of therapy sessions or more so inside my circle.
     What a colorful adventure!
     It continues to flow, mysteriously.
     By its nature, it deepens and purifies.
     It affords me to live several lifetimes.
     Through the eyes of varied fellow humans.
     My ringside seat to God’s grace.
     In the drama, intrigue, and mystique of human existence.
     The threads merge into a deeper meaning or transcendent life mission.
     Gifting my fleeting life godly work to make an impact for eternity.
     What a super exciting way to growing older!
     We are whole beings - mind, body, soul.
     When our minds and souls grow with age, our bodies, appearances, relationships, and works get nourished.
     Growing old is a product of time. Inevitable. We can only “delay” it.
     Shalom provides us a sense of total well-being and life effectiveness.
     If we relax and walk in close union with Christ.
     And serve Him where He places us.
     In that, I celebrate myself. I sing myself. I am one, but I contain multitudes.
     Above me, wind blows leaves off the tree. Making music, the sounds growing beautiful.
     Life gives us strict training every  birthday year.  As the Lord adds His unique call and blessings upon our days.
     Ultimately for glory that never fades.
     Beyond self, so much more than any happy moments on earth.
     Till He takes us home, finally.

* The Warrior Is A Child (Gary V)