Fear of Man Is A Trap

Fear of man’s rejection is a common mental health issue. People with high-level addiction to human approval break down.

The fear of man is a trap. It will crush you!

So many of us make choices based on our need for acceptance. Or, belonging. Love.

We always try to prove something to people. We do posturing, positioning, prep work to feel wanted by them. Call it image management too!

What will people say?

Am I living in my own big house? Am I driving a nice car? Am I in the right neighborhood? Are my kids in the best school? Is my iphone the latest model?

If not, we feel bad. We can’t feel we are accepted or wanted. We feel we can’t belong or make others approve of us due to what we don’t have.

heal your fear of man
Bestselling author, Chip Ingram, in his book “Discover Your True Self,” writes:

“Can you imagine what it would look like for all of those issues to be resolved? What would it feel like to eliminate all those things you consciously and unconsciously do to be wanted? … What if all those things you wanted and needed really aren’t needed anymore? What if you were deeply, thoroughly, irrevocably convinced that you are so wanted and loved by the One who made you that you never needed to prove anything to anyone again?“

If good or best things happen to your life, that would be great. But what about if not?

No big deal!

Ingram offers a true, deep-level, healing perspective:

“Your value is no longer at stake, and you’re at peace in the depths of your soul, because what other people think no longer controls your thoughts and actions. The only thing that matters is what God thinks, and He has already made that clear. You are chosen, desired, wanted, and deeply valued just for who you are in Christ.”

We want man’s approval. But we do not need it. With God’s love and acceptance, we can feel secure without human approval.

Heal your fear of man.

“The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe” (Proverbs 29:25).