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Dr. Angelo O. Subida, PhD, DMin, MDiv
Clinical Psychotherapist
Innovative. Individual. Inspirational.

24/7 InfoText Hotline:  +63 909 083 3374
Skype:  drangelosubida

Revolutionary Psychotherapy 
for Life's Hurts and Traumas

Therapy Without Borders

Hi, I'm here to be of help to you.
I do "revolutionary" individual, couple, family, and group 
 psychotherapy/counseling/life coaching sessions 
for the healing of the "whole self." So, expect surprises and results!
Do feel free to contact me any time if you need support.
It's by appointment only. Just a limited number of slots is available.
For the fastest response, you can email me at,
skype me at: drangelosubida, or call/text at: +63 09090833374 or 9055206951.
If I'm unable to answer right away, just leave a message and I'll
get back to you as soon as possible.

Cheers and to your healing,

Dr. Angelo Subida, Psychotherapist



24/7 Therapy InfoText 
& Appointment Hotlines: 
+63 9090833374 
+63 9055206951

email -

Psychotherapy, counseling, or life coaching with Dr. Subida is location-independent...multisite - face-to-face, on-site, on-line, in a hospital, office, home visit, coffee shop, park, walk-and-talk therapy - and is by appointment only. Available slots are limited.

Dr. Subida holds sessions in multiple physical sites, mostly in Ortigas, Quezon City, and Makati. No walk-in visitors; it's strictly by appointment only. 

Limited slots are available because of Dr. Subida's mobility or travels, limited accommodation or availability, and varied media and international commitments. 

All appointments/inquiries/messages should be done online via email, sms texting, or phone calls to set up the session arrangements/preferences/schedule availabilities.

Fees are based on a per-hour basis, the number of hours consumed each session/meeting, and the type of help required. Since Dr. Subida does not want fees to be a hindrance to your healing, it's discussed in the initial or intake session and a mutual agreement is reached before proceeding any further.

A sliding fee scale is also made available based on capacity. Dr. Subida's therapy and counseling practice is basically a "mission" or non-profit service and every effort is made to ensure its availability to anyone who needs it as time permits. 

If money is a problem for you to get help, drop a note to Dr. Subida for information regarding his free or low-cost counseling schedules in the hospital. Of course, the practice must also support the costs/expenses of maintaining that availability through some form or other ways, such as sponsorship or donations.

A first INTAKE session is an exploration of whether you and Dr. Subida would do well to work together--a chance for both to discern whether the prospects are good for a productive therapeutic alliance. 

Please note that Dr. Subida does not provide medical care, so he does not participate in medical insurance. However, since his PF is considerably less of that charged by health insurance and other mental health doctors or professionals, you will mostly likely find that, once you consider the issues of meeting your out-of-pocket costs, you've great savings for quality psychotherapy, counseling, or mental health care for your "whole person." The privacy of your Personal Psychotherapy discussions are also preserved by not using managed-care insurance.

To send a message or inquiry to Dr. Angelo Subida for appointments/messages, you may directly email him at,  or call/text 24/7 Therapy InfoTxt Hotlines: +63 9090833374 ; +63 9055206951.

You may also fill up an ONLINE INQUIRY FORM below.

Thanks and may your dreams come true!
Dr. Subida’s Online General Inquiry Form

24/7 InfoText Hotlines:
+63 909.0833.374
+63 905.520.6951

skype: drangelosubida


By appointment only (no walk-ins), 
mobile/multi-sites, limited slots.  

24/7 InfoText & Appointment Hotlines:  +63 9090833374 ;  +63 9055206951
Appointment & Inquiry Email:

* Joy Nostalg Center, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center / Camelot, Mother Ignacia Ave. QC / MPlace Condominium SMDC (across  ABS CBN 2), Panay Ave. QC / Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC); Holiday Inn Makati and Ortigas ; Crown Plaza Ortigas; On-site House Calls;  Philippines and International On Sites / Online Therapy Clinic:  skype= drangelosubida;  email=                                          

Dr. Angelo O. Subida, Psychotherapist

24/7 Therapy InfoText Hotline:
+63 9090833374