Letter to my Dad this Father's Day

Dear Dad,

How are you? I pray and hope you're doing great and in good health.

These are days that I'd wonder in our open-air garage. At times, when airplanes pass by, I'll look up in the sky. And wish you'll finally come to our house. Visit me, my wife, your grandchildren. It's a daydream that won't come true.

I grew up not knowing you, Dad. I was always wondering where were you. Sometimes, I'd pretend I missed you. But how come, there were no fond memories of our times together?

I'm all grown up now, Dad. Have a family of my own. Actually, three children. I go out with them. I talk to them. I encourage them. All of these, I do often. As their father, I try as best as I can to give time and myself to them.

Dad, it's not really about money. Though it costs to live. It's not about having a big house, a nice car, or education in the exclusive schools. It's about showing the children they count. Paying attention to them. Giving them life-enhancing words and hugs. Building them up in their self-esteem. Nurturing them emotionally and spiritually. That's what it's really all about, Dad, and not giving dollar or peso amounts.

Sorry, Dad, if this letter reads like a "note to an absentee father." I apologize if it turns out that way. Just a reminder for me of what's positive to learn. I love you, Dad, and I understand why this happened to us. So, for us together, it's a past that still can be redeemed. It's never too late, Dad, if only you care to show yourself.

Wherever you are, Dad, here's to you. My heartfelt prayers, love and best wish for you this Father's Day. God bless you always!

Your son,


"For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in." (Psalm 27:10)


Anonymous said…
I'm touched by your letter. Your image is a beatiful abstract picture.
Anonymous said…
It's 3 in the morning, but still Im wide awake, got inspired by your blogs Dr Angelo :) But this letter for your father made me cry. I'm also longing for a father's love, but sadly I found out yesterday that my father abandoned me... Well I am sure po, your father is very proud of you :) Godbless you po and your family.
Anonymous said…
This one made me cry....