Nikki Gil's Affair Recovery Story

Your spouse or partner cheated on you, and you feel sick and depressed. Having your spouse or partner break your trust is one of the cruelest wounds one can inflict to a person. It costs the victim so much. How do you move past this point of pain and feel whole again?

Celebrity Nikki Gil has something to say about it after he broke up with Billy Crawford due to infidelity.  They are Nikki's version of healing or therapeutic words to victims of unfaithful partners. She said, for instance, "I believe in good karma. I believe in sowing and reaping. I believe in getting what you deserve, and I believe all of these adversities are there to make the story of your life more colorful, and for the journey to be more exciting and more meaningful ... I come to learn that it's all part of a big plan and you just have to ride it, you just have to ride away and trust ... that there's a purpose for these things to happen."

Healing from affairs is one of today's most sought-after areas of need in counseling and psychotherapy. In the world we live in, adultery has become epidemic. It's a deepest cut that can be lodged into the human heart. Sadly, so few therapists, counselors, priests, pastors, and other people-helpers, are competently and sufficiently able to handle it (see more details about it here).

However, though just recently, more and more resources and therapists all over the world are now able to offer better help, hope, and healing from affairs. You just need to diligently search for them!